Thursday, August 19, 2010

Behind Again

This post should catch me up to when i left for This is Hardcore last week. I'll try and get that post up tommorow or sometime early next week. First up is a bunch of Time Flies records. I saw that Kyle Whitlow was taking offers on his whole list and i immediately thought..."welp, what should i offer on?" since he basically has everything. After some thought i decided to go for most of his Time Flies records that i didn't already have. I ended up getting these 6 7"s and tape.

Time Flies-S/T-Malfunction Records-Time Flies Crew Cover-Light Green #16/25 (really #'d 241/250, This makes it #16 of these)

Time Flies-S/T-Malfunction Records-Skull Cover-Green /100

Time Flies-Can't Change The Past-Farewell Show Cover-Blue #5/25

Time Flies-Can't Change The Past-Summer Tour 2001 Stamp-Blue /250

Time Flies-S/T-Invasion Records-Black /300

Time Flies-S/T-Malfunction Records-Last Show Cover /200

This is another tape to add to the Far From Breaking Collection. Im pretty sure they have a couple more. I now have three. This one is the Summer tour 01 tape #59/95

I already had CCTP on clear and the S/T with the Misfits cover. Probably three days after i bought these i won this black copy of Can't Change the Past on ebay too. I think for something like $3. Here is a picture of all the 7"s i have. Hook me up with anything im missing.

Next up is a haul of Chuck Ragan records i bought off a guy from the Vinyl Collective Board. My Chuck collection is coming along petty well. Im now only missing 11 releases...haha. I think i'll be scoring one of these soon though. These consist of:

Chuck Ragan/Nagel-Clear
Chuck Ragan-Ole Diesel-1st Press-Beer Color /450
Chuck Ragan/Muff Potter-#'d 790/2000

Chuck Ragan-Live At Hafenkneipe Zurich-Splatter /1000
Chuck Ragan-Feast Or Famine-No Idea Records-1st Press-Orange /700
Rumbleseat-Is Dead-No Idea Records-2nd Press-Brown Gray

Next up is a few single items i won off ebay like 3-4 weeks ago. This first one is the repress by Tacklebox Records of Vision's In The Blink Of An Eye on Green. Pretty cool to own this on color. I should look into getting the rest.

Next item was Far from breaking's Made My Choice 7" on white vinyl. I'm pretty sure i have most of FFB's stuff now. I only think i'm missing tests and a transition. I'm probably wrong. Who knows.

Here is a In My Eyes Demo Tape + Nothing To Hide sampler tape. I've watched this tape on ebay over 30 times and never ended up bidding. I finally won it and happened to also come with this Sampler Tape. Cool deal.

This next one is the Insted "We'll make the difference" 7" on Red vinyl. I'm stoked to finally own this 7". I never tried to get it everytime i saw it on ebay. I'm now on the lookout for the rest of the copies of this.

Heres some more additions to my Right Idea collection. This is an order i made with Refuse records for the new RI 7" called "Right Way". It comes on Blue and yellow vinyl so of course i bought both. I've listened to this a few times and it's pretty dope. At first i was skeptical because they put up that Oi sounding song and i was afriad that the whole 7" sounded like that...which would have been weird. Not necessarily bad, just weird. I'm glad i was wrong. All but that track sound like the older stuff, which rules. I also picked up the 2nd pressing of the demo 7" on black vinyl.

I got these a few days before i left for Philadelphia last week. These are the "To us it was so much more" 7" Complations. Mega ups to 1124 records for putting out a SOLID Comp release. Great bands, excellent layout, and really nice packaging. If i were you i'd go to their store and get one of these. I bought three copies from the store and recieved the black, clear, and a transition. The bottom one is the transition. I may look black but this second picture is what it really looks like when put into the light. Heres the pics.

Next is the order i made when the Rival Mob's new 7" was first put up. I ended up getting the new RM and the 2nd pressing of the Foundation 7". This Rival Mob 7" looks black until you hold it to light, then you'll see it has some andom clear colored splatter in it. Pretty cool. Mainly because you can't see the uglyness of splatter vinyl.

I also got all this a few weeks ago. Here is a pretty large order i made with React! for the new praise, damages, and Get The Most Lps. Only thing special about these is i scored a transition of the GTM LP. Although, my clear transition looks basically the same as my non stamped clear. All three of these turned out really nice. Stoked to have these!

Finally, the last piece of vinyl i got in this month-long stretch was another awesome addition. The mindset Real power test press. This one is #23/25. Followed is an updated picture of all the 7"s. Only missing the 2nd press transition of Real Power now. I'm not too worried about that one to be honest though.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mid Summer Post

It's been over a month since i've posted last. I probably shouldn't have waited that long either cause ive gotten almost 40 records since then. Wow.. Addict. I'll probably split these up into two or three posts. I guess ill get started.

First up is the new Effort LP "Wartime Citizens". I've honestly only listened to it 2-3 times since ive had it. First impression was good. Though, not as good as Iconoclasm was. I'm sure it will grow on me once i give it more listens. I did notice they really stepped it up in the political lyrics era. They have always had them but they seem a little more in depth now. I enjoy bands who's lyrics explore topics that they really feel should be heard. I need to read the lyrics again.

Nice. My first official True colors test pressing. This is the Consider it Done 7" Test pressing from Six Feet Under Records. As you can see in the second picture this is #3/13. Thanks dave!

While im on True Colors ill go ahead and post my other two i recieved in the past month. Here is the Bonus 7" with the last show sleeve. Appearently these were not done in time for them to get to True Colors for the last show so Dave just put them
up in the SFU store. These are limited to 75, mine being #18.

Last one is the Get Em Demo 7" Test Pressing. I'm stoked i was able to work a deal out for this one. This one is #8/10. I now have a complete Get em 7" collection. Now only five more True Colors records to go until it's complete. I doubt ill get all of them...especially if people are wanting the rediculous prices they went for on Ebay a month or so ago. Ill post them here. Help me get these for a decent price.
True Colors-Consider It Done-Control Records-Test
True Colors-Consider It Done-Control Records-Transition
True Colors-Rush Of Hope-Six Feet Under Records-Test
True Colors-Rush Of Hope-Powered Records-Test
True Colors-Rush Of Hope-Last Show Sleeve-Red vinyl

Next is the new Bitter End Lp "Guilty As Charged". Can we say hard? Yea. This one is definitely one of the better HARDcore records this year. I'm usually pretty picky with harder stuff but Bitter End has always been an exception since i first heard the Mind In Chains 7". Great band. I was stoked to get to see them again at the last Floorpunch show in Philly back in June. Really good set although i was hopeing for an old song or two. O well. I've seem most of the old 7" live before so i guess i cannot argue.

Here we have the Outspoken "Current" 7" on Clear vinyl. When New Age first put up the 2nd new color of the Survival 7" last month i looked over this one. I bought the Survival 7" then i saw that they had 5 copies of this for sale. So, i bought this one too. Very stoked i only had to pay $5 for this...instead of 20. Now i'm just waiting for my other Outspoken stuff from New Age. Maybe ill get it in two months.

Moving on. Here is the Wide Awake-CT Hardcore 7" with Sammy cover. This one is 2nd Pressing with silver Labels. I believe there is also a 1st press Sammy cover. I need any first or third press's of this. Hook me up.

Here is something i picked up at the Six Feet Under showcase. This is the Bitter End Climate of Fear last press. I think there is 105 of these on White vinyl. So, appearently these covers all have bullet holes and dirt on them. This was planned. Weird..but i guess it looks cool? My copy isn't very noticable but other ones are definitely.

Next is the Disengage Look Back 7" put out by Back To Back records. New PA straight edge band. This 7" rips. Really dope cover. Very late 80s-early 90s look. Which obviously rules. If your into the cover your most likely into the music. Check em out.

Here are three record store scores i got from Generations records in New York. I was determined to find a couple records i wanted while i was in new york. So this is what i found. First one is the Rain On The Parade "Body Bag" 7". Band rules. Good score for only like $4. Next is the Atari "we'll be fighting" 7". Great band that should be talked about more. Im sure Chris M. would agree. Last i picked up was the Chuck Ragan-Los Feliz LP on pink vinyl. I'm aiming for having one copy of each of Chuck's releases so this one was needed. This record is awesome, especially for a live record. My next post will have alot of Chuck Ragan records. I can't get enough. I think im starting to listen to way to much Ragan, Hot Water Music, and Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves. Nah. Never enough.

Heres the last one for this post. This is the Foundation Hang Your Head 7" Judge rip sleeve. This one is pretty dope. It's all a complete rip..labels, cover, lyric sheet. Pretty dope. This is /200.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More records.

Heres an update on the 8 or so records ive gotten in the past week and a half. First up is the Sorry Excuse tour 7" and tape. This band rules. Really good fast straight edge hardcore from Kansas City. I'm surprised i havent ever seen them since they are only from the next state above me. If you haven't heard the "Listen With Prejudice" 7" yet your missing out. Third Party Records #35. MIDWEST WOLKFPACK GO. Listen here.

Next up is something i got the same day as the Sorry Excuse package. More True Colors Vinyl! Who would have thought. My boy Ewald from Belgium hooked me up with the two last show vinyl editions they made. (thanks man!) First one is Rush Of Hope with a last show sleeve. This one is numbered #32/50. Actually though, i believe they did the first 25 on red vinyl and the last on black. Likewise this copy is on black. Im still debating if i want to get the red one too. I may.

Next up is the last show edition of the Consider It Done 7". This one is the on clear yellow vinyl. #45/100 Peep it.


A couple days after getting those record si finally got my package from Bridge 9 with my Underdog records. I actually wait to but this for probably 1-2 weeks after it first went up. I was really surprised to see that the red vinyl copy was still availible. Was Stoked. This record looks so nice. About as nice as possible i'd say. It came with this 60+ page book with like 6 interviews and other types of cool Underdog related things. I haven't really read much of it yet but i flipped through it and it's definitely very well put together. Very cool. Does anyone know the pressing info for this Underdog matchless on red? I also picked up with this the repressing of the Underdog s/t 7" on red. Hey, its not an original on blue..but it will be good enough. Here they are.

Here is an item i won off Ebay. Our Turn-Catch Your Breath on Clear. I think that this version is the most limited? Maybe? Either way im glad to finally add to my OT collection which will eventually be near complete..someday. This is probably one of my favorite hardcore records ever. This was actually one of the first hardcore bands in general i started listening to. Glad i can say i still love them today. Band is an instant classic in my book. Screw the haters. Someone hook me up with any copies of the step aside 7" or catch your breath on blue. (and any tests of course)

Last up is a package i got yesterday. This is the Face Reality Positive Change test pressing and the "friends press". I believe this completes my collection of this 7". Nice cover on the test. Can't go wrong with Judge ripoffs. This copy is #16/20.

This friends press copy is one of the 28 copies of the 7" that got messed up and were "transitions". Ths one seems to be yellow with some green and white mixed in with it. These are also eventually going to have covers for them. I'll get it once they are made, whenever that will be. Anyways, thanks to David for hooking me up with these.

That's it for this post. I should be back soon with more true colors too haha. That is, if i can manage to win some of these auctions. I'm also selling stuff in order to maybe win one or two of them. You should help me out. Here Thanks and leave me comments.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

True Colors, Bitter End, Floorpunch, Mindset, ETC.

YO. Big post today. It was already big enough a few days ago but then I started getting tons of stuff in the mail. I’ll see if I can get caught up. Nothing much has gone on in my life since my last update. Work, sleep, repeat. I did get to catch a date of the Lion Of Judah, Give, Stick Together tour the other day though. This was my first time seeing Give and Stick Together and both were great. To be honest I hadn’t listened to too much Give before this show and just passed them off as alright. Definitely after seeing them I can get more into them. To me they sound like really late Snapcase circa Bright Flashes mixed with something else that I can quite think of. Definitely a cool band. Stick together was pretty cool also. Seems like they just got together 3 months ago maybe..and are already touring. Crazy. If you don’t know about them, it’s the singer from War Hungry on vocals. All they have is a demo tape. Check them out here. Anyways, I picked up a ST shirt that is pretty nice. I would have bought the Give record if I had more money. Lion of Judah was also sweet as usual. Next week ill be seeing The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. I am really stoked to see that band. I’m hoping they won’t be a disappointment. Doubtful.
Up first is the Tribute Fanzine #2 featuring Floorpunch, The Loved Ones, Tim McMahon, Remission, Plus a few others. This zine is awesome. Really good interviews with Remission, Floorpunch, and Tim McMahon. If your into Zines i'd definitely see about picking this up. Also, the best part about this zine is that it comes with the Remission Demo 7". This is the only place to get this 7" and lets be honest, your missing out if you dont know about this band. I cannot wait to hear more new songs because the newest song "Winds Of Promise" is very nice. Get into it.

Next up is the Four Walls Falling Burn It 7" on Green Vinyl. I used to own this on black but i traded it for something proably a year ago. Im glad to have a copy back into my hands. It seems like this 7" dosn't get much talk and thrown in with the food for worms category. The three songs on this are probably my 2nd favorite material from them, right behind Culture Shock. Four Walls Falling are definitely my favorite band thats ever came out of Richmond and probably one of my favorites in general. Such a great band. It's been 10 years since the last reunion. It's about that time again.

This is the first release called "The Death Of Urgency" from the newish Socal Vegan Edge band called Abandon. This record was put out by Death Of A Modernist records. They sound like a mix of Strain, Unbroken, and Mean Season. They play the typical 90s metallic hardcore sound but i think these guys are better than alot of the others trying for this similar sound. This copy is the Preorder version on red vinyl. The card that came in the LP sleeve says #34/62. Check them out here.

Heres another nice addition to my Bitter End collection. Here's three more copies of Climate Of Fear on Red/White Swirl, Green, and Black. This band has always been in constant rotation since the first time i saw them in 06. They are definitely one of my favorite bands playing this style of NYHC today. Possibly my favorite? Maybe. Every song is hard and dosn't completely rip off madball like most other bands today. I cannot wait for Guilty as Charged to drop later this summer. It will definitely be one of th best's this year. Don't sleep.

Up now is alot of new additions to the True Colors collection. In the past week I've gotten my preorders from Six Feet Under, Control, and I Drink Milk. Resulting in 10 new True Colors records. Still waiting on three more that i should get in very soon. The first ones i got were the Demo 7" from I Drink Milk Records. This cover for this 7" is so great! What's better than a gator just straight chillin. Nothing. There's three versions of this: Blue, Black, and Reverse cover. I think the reverse cover is probably my favorite of the three. The red goes well. Also, some of these pictures, including the rest i post about for a while, will be much crappier quality do to the fact i can't use my sisters camera anymore since she is living in NYC this summer.

About a week after i got these i got my Six Feet Under package in with my copies of Consider it Done and the Floorpunch Discography. There is four versions of this 7". White, Black, Clear, Green. Also, the Green version comes with a "Bonus 7" that im not too sure what it is. I put it on and it seems like its just a mix of True Colors songs but a different recording of them. Maybe just some random studio session? Who knows. Here they are.

Last True colors package i got was the Euro Consider It Done 7"s from Control Records. Appearently there is 10 black/white mix of this 7". Mine has some black in it but not really sure if it counts as one of those. (most of the black in my copy is on the back..not pictured) Anyways, heres the black and white copies of this 7". Got the yellow last show color coming my way too. ;)

Here is the other half of my order from Six Feet Under. Floorpunch Discography 2XLP's. Love the layout. One thing i hate about gatefold vinyl is the cover always gets bent. Actually, i kinda just don't like them in general. But, i guess thats really the only option for 2xlps. Anyways, i ordered three copies of this hopeing id maybe get the blue one. I didnt get lucky with that. I ended up getting one of the Tigerstripe colorways /303 and two copies on Brown /599. The other copies are blue /95 and Clear /1009. Someone should hook me up with a blue. I'm down to trade my extra copy of this Gold too. Other than me disliking Gatefold records, this release is really nice. A HUGE foldout paper with a really long story about the band. I haven't had a chance to read it but it looked pretty massive.

Saved this for last. This is the Test Pressing of Time & Pressure from Mindset. Great addition to the collection. I love the cover for this. This copy is #8/24 as you can see in the picture of the back. Now all i need to complete this collection is the Real Power Test and the 2nd Press Transition. Someone should get at me if they have those.


Everything as of now:

Alright, thats all i have to post for now. I should be back within a week with whatever i get in next week. Peace. Leave me comments.

Shoutouts: ChrisXtoday. Ya demanding potato-pissing Irishman.